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Friday, July 29, 2011 | 0 comments
I don't like unnecessary drama. Especially when I feel that I did NOTHING to deserve it. I repeat, NOTHING. If you've been up-to-date with my happenings, you'd know the whole saga with my boyfriend's ex. Yeahhhh, Miss Hiakhiak girl. People ask me why I call her that, they think it's funny. Well isn't that the intended purpose? You'd think that's all there is to this enormous, hilarious saga. WELL, SO DID I. Looks like we're all wrong, darlings. One fine day, her donkey of a best friend started dissing me on Twitter:

(click to enlarge)

For what reason? Because she saw a question on my Formspring (I think), regarding a question on who I want to bash up. Ohhhhhhh............ So now being sarcastically honest is also wrong?? LOL. -__- When people ask, I answer. I answered and moved on from it, but you saw it at a later time and you dig it up to have it out with me again? Is it my fault? Too bad, I hardly think so. You claim you're not stalking, huh? I checked; that question was, what? A little more than a month ago? And you're dissing me about my qualifications. Awww, how do you know I only have an O-level cert? I'm so embarrassed. NOT. I answered a question like this that someone posed me on Formspring as well, and that's more than 4 months ago. If you claim you NEVER stalked, then you're damn free to click and click and click for past questions and answers, are you not? What difference does that make from stalking every few days, to stalking everything at one shot? Either way, who's the loser? Who's the loser whose user profile on Nuffnang keeps popping up on my account under "Nuffnangers who recently read your blog"? I print-screened them all. Who the fuck are you anyway? Do I even know you other than the fact that you're Hiakhiak girl's BFF? NO. Yet you wanna make yourself known to me, I'm fine with that. You wanna butt your nose into business that is NOT yours, and blog about me, stand up for your friend blah blah, I'm fine with that. But learn how to deal with it because I'm not the kind to keep quiet. Don't go denying that it's not me just because you never mentioned names. Hey, at least I'm honest enough. And seriously? Come onnnn! Don't keep using my boyfriend to "attack" me please. It doesn't work. It's MY relationship and you have a say in it because? Because you're Donkey (HEEHAW!) and my boyfriend's ex is your BFF? HAHAHA. I don't think so. Learn to mind your own business. Did I tell people to ask me what's going on? No. If they asked me on their own accord, I don't see why I should refrain from being nice and answering them. It's MY Formspring, my Twitter, my blog and social networking sites. You think you're superior because why? 'Cos you went to JC and shit and I "only have an O-level cert"? Seriously, and you tell me to grow up. LOL. Is this what having a Degree in Business taught you? "Neh neh ni poo poo, I have a more important piece of paper than you do~"??? -.- Get a fucking life. Oh, OH. And what have I, you asked? Why not ask yourself what have YOU? Buck teeth, bug eyes, short legs, fat thighs, boyfriend dumped you. ERRRR..... so please look at yourself first before you want to criticise me, alrighty? I have no time for xiao mei meis like you who can take to the Internet to bitch about me without even knowing me, yet cannot even recognise me in person, or don't dare to do anything. WASTE OF MY TIME. Seriously nosy like hell. And I thought only your teeth were protruding. Zzz!!!

I never mentioned that I called Hiakhiak girl up on Valentine's Day because I found this blog post:

(click to enlarge)

The conversation lasted for more than 20 minutes. You should hear the things she said. I can choose to upload the whole conversation here because the whole time, she was on speaker phone and I had everything recorded. But it'd be too much of a hassle to edit the whole thing to let you all hear how fucking pathetic she sounded. And plus, so what? The phone call didn't do no shit, did it? Fancy calling me persistent in the blog post... And I wonder just WHO is the persistent one? Just WHO is the one emo-ing openly on her Facebook, texting my boyfriend demanding for a relationship status, texting him out of the blue, "Do you really not care about me anymore..." and texting him on his birthday and implying on their sex life (a sex life where she was a complete dead fish so hence, practically non-existent)? Text, text, text. And get this: she did all that, the whole time she was attached. If that's not a slut, I don't know what is. You jolly well know what you did, so don't ask why you're a slut because acting blur and innocent never works on me. This CLEARLY shows that she doesn't even know the BASIC CONDUCT of being in a relationship: stick to your own (even if your own is a loser just like you), and DON'T come in-between other couples. Do you think my relationship is the only one she tried to come in-between? Think again:

(click to enlarge)

I don't know to call the girl stupid or what. Already the victim, yet still putting herself down in front of the person who attempted to break her relationship up. Zzzz. Learn!!! You know what I find amusing? The immense contradiction in the reply:

"Just so you know, i'm attached as well. I won't do anything that will jeopardise your relationship nor mine, really. As a girl, I understand where you're coming from so i sincerly apologised for that, sorry."

BAHAHAHAHA. Pardon her lousy English and past-present-tense mix-up, but if I were the recipient, I'd have told her to take her "sincerity" and shove it so far up her flat ass, she'd puke it out. Because I want to puke at the whole facade of it all. She said she won't do anything that will jeopardise her relationship, BUT at the same time she's texting her ex. And what do you call that? Jeopardising her relationship, right???? *rolls eyes* If you're a girl and you understand where SHE is coming from, then you should also understand where I am coming from, because me and that girl aren't that far apart since we have something in common: we share a same person who tried to screw our relationships up. Just that in this case, she's a pushover. But too bad, I am not. If you can't deal with that, then don't put the blame on me. You might have succeeded in breaking her and her boyfriend up, but let me tell you this: you can try and try and try, but you'd never succeed as long as I'm alive and kickin'. Don't call me over-protective or whatever; my priorities clearly lie differently compared with yours. I don't give a flying fuck if you wanna give random strangers your number or cheat on your boyfriend or fuck around, but I WILL give a fuck if it's MY boyfriend you're after, because I actually DO love him, unlike you. If you're incapable of loving your boyfriend, that's YOUR problem. Again. So don't put it on my head. Again. Don't try and sow discord between me and my boyfriend and go complaining to him that I blogged about you and all that when you started it first. Get that into your damn skull. I do not care what my readers think of me, because I think you should be more worried of what they think of YOU since what stands out is clear: you're the incorrigible slut who refuses to let go of your ex. And that alone speaks volumes. What's important is the present, and I AM the present. YOU ARE THE PAST. Stop trying to convince him to come back to you when you're already attached. No shame. And what the fuck shit do you think I am???? Insulting my intelligence and thinking I'd never find out? Well suck it, I did. If you'd even remotely considered that fact and kept to yourself, none of this would be happening/have happened. I already kept quiet in the beginning, but I decided the ultimate shit was the birthday SMS implying on the sex life, all the while knowing he's attached, AND SO ARE YOU. HOW CHEAP. What are you trying to prove? Is it an open invitation? "You can fuck me whenever you're up for it because I'm available any time."???? If you DID consider that I'd find out and yet still did it anyway, then I'm not sorry you're on the receiving end of all this when it's what you gave me first. Did you not hear this saying before? "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." or whatever? LOL.

I told her boyfriend about her blogs for my boyfriend, and he said he knew about them already. *pause* ................................. If you have a better half, would you tolerate them loving someone else, talking about someone else, blogging about someone else?? I know I wouldn't. This is a special case, don't you think? I'm glad I'm not the one in the dysfunctional relatioship! Haha... I've never seen anything like it, a guy stupid enough to tolerate crap like this. LOL. He could actually tell me, "I have a lot of time to slowly let her realise that pining after A is pointless. One day she'd understand that." DUDE, listen up here. You have a lot of time, I DON'T. And I especially don't have time for a low-life slut who keeps clinging on to my boyfriend, of all people. He still had the cheek to ask me why I wouldn't allow my boyfriend to read her blogs. He said, "The only reason is you're scared he'd pity her and go back to her only what." LOL, JOKE. I told him, "Yes! He does pity her! But not in the way you think." Seriously this pity is not out of love, it's out of amusement that such a loser like her exists. And besides, I didn't say I didn't allow my boyfriend to read her blogs. I just didn't want her to keep putting out her emotional baggage and make things complicated for everyone involved, like she hasn't done enough already?! -_- She CAN think about him, CAN keep missing him and loving him for all I care, but it'd make things A WHOLE LOT EASIER if she did it privately, especially more so when she knows she'd never have him back. I asked Hiakhiak girl's boyfriend, "Let me ask you this: Do you feel any sort of negative feeling when you see her loving/blogging/thinking/talking about someone else? Just ANY sort of negative feeling, you don't have to tell me what." And he said, "Yah! Frustrated lah!" See???? Don't question me on WHY I wouldn't want my boyfriend to read those blogs when you know exactly why, since we both want the same thing. It's just plain stupid.

Anyway, he said he'd get Donkey to remove her tweets. She did, but did it stop there? NO. She went on to put up an entry on her Tumblr blog which said:

And that was AFTER someone sent me this question on my Formspring (which I also answered, of course), AFTER I called Hiakhiak girl's boyfriend:

Please connect the dots. "No it's not me!" I don't care, say whatever. I only asked ONE person for the boyfriend's number. And that ONE person who knows, could be so lame to write me a question like this anonymously? And after I answered, up comes the Tumblr blog post obviously directed at me to shut up. Oh, so you ask, I answer and then you ask me to shut up? Doesn't work that way, last I checked. My sister said she wanted to say something too, and all I told her was, "Go ahead. If Donkey can butt her nose into this, I don't see why you can't~" And with that, I left them to it.

4 days later, my boyfriend called me in the morning, while he was at work and I was still asleep.

Having said all of that, guess where I just came back from? A meeting with Hiakhiak girl and Donkey, together with my boyfriend and my sister.

I know everyone must be thinking, "This has dragged on long enough." Oh sure, it has. But do you know what I think? I think that EVERYTHING that has happened throughout this whole entire thing can only point back to one person. No brownie points for guessing the correct answer. And only ONE word manifests itself over and over again: GREED. Her greed told her it's not enough, took her to cheat, and then now that same greed is affecting other people. And she's putting the blame on who? Me. I know I get so mad at this slut and all that she's done, but sometimes I do tell myself to think about it logically. And when I do, it keeps me up at night and costs me lots of sleepless nights because the unsolved mystery is so astounding: I can never comprehend why she'd want to come into my relationship and crap all over it, and then go back to her boyfriend smelling like roses. She said she didn't come into my relationship, and it puzzles me even more because she still doesn't understand that texting my boyfriend is one simple way of doing so. *shakes head* My boyfriend asked me before, "She's not the only ex I had, why not the rest?" And my answer would be clear and simple: "Because the rest didn't let it get personal."


老虎不发威, 当我是 HELLO KITTY 啊!!!

"Come, catch me." 3 infamous words. Classic. I already look down on you, yet you still wanna come knockin' on my door for me to step all over your loser head again. I welcome you any time.