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Good things come to those who wait
Wednesday, January 12, 2011 | 3 comments

This is not the intended blog post for the above party, Valerie Loh Wan Yi. Reason simply being, she is a fucking small fry I love my boyfriend too much. And the whole reason I have this boyfriend is thanks to her, because if she didn't screw up, I wouldn't have him now. SO THANK YOU HEYYYY! In life, you only have ONE chance. She had her chance. She had her chance of having him, but she lost him due to her greed and constant attention-seeking, and now she is finding fault with me for something that was all her own doing, and pointing fingers to say I started it first when she was the one who did (GREEDY, GREEDY PIG). Fine. Now I have him, and she will live the rest of her life regretting this, knowing that she'd NEVER get him back. I repeat, N-E-V-E-R. Be miserable for the rest of your pathetic loser life, bitch. Wake up and smell the fucking cow dung. You screwed up you and him, why would I even allow you to screw up me and him??? Do you seriously think I am that stupid???? Focus your attention elsewhere, say maybe, your own boyfriend instead of being a clingy, whiny, pathetic emo bitter LOSER. Or maybe you can work on your cheena-ness, and stop being a fucking walking pasar-malam wearing and carrying pirated branded goods. HAHAHAHAHAHA WTF. Giving yourself a middle name called "Valencia" isn't gonna make you any less chink, if you haven't already noticed.

Have you ever wondered just why you got dumped??? NO? Well, then now is the time to wonder away. Just remember that as much as you can bitch about me to your cloned friends (or to whoever will listen), so can I. Whatever you want to write on your blog for your own little small bunch of maybe, 10? friends, so can I - to the whole fucking world. Whatever you can do, so can I, and much more. No matter how much you bitch or say - you can say SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH, but at the end of the day, think about this: who is happy and who is not? HAHAHA. Suck it, bitch. Go insist to everyone that you're happy. Go be happy convincing yourself that you are happy without him. Gogogo. Go live in your own sad, sad world.

However, just so I make it clear, dearest Valerie, I have the original blog post saved in my drafts. A very embarrassing, ugly post. You can come back every single day using NYP's network connection, or you can use your home connection. You can leave me anonymous comments, get your friends to do it, do whatever you want. You can get your friends to threaten me too, but seriously all I'd feel is like a feather of an impact. Yawnz. In the meantime, thank you in advanced for the traffic/$$$$. You can also wait and wait and wait, wondering if I'd ever publish that embarrassing post. :)))) The point is, I already wrote it long ago, and you'd be the one to go through the excruciating wait, not. Me.

As you like to say it so disgustingly, "HIAKHIAKHIAKHIAK!" xoxo

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