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I hide ugly teeth
Friday, February 4, 2011 | 1 comments
HELLO DONKEY. HEEHAW! Please don't feel sore for your best friend. I think after all these years, she's been trained to do that for herself ain't it? :) Likewise, don't be so smug because you're not some superstar, you're more like a backalley skank and no, I don't think/blog about you 24/7. So unless you're really interested in my life.......... ^______^ Otherwise, I suggest you go get some braces and leg extensions and stop butting your nose into business that is not even yours.


Slut exposé
Monday, January 17, 2011 | 8 comments
As some of you might have read, previously I wrote an entry on the boyfriend's ex. Point aside, I have to stress that I was actually nice. You know how hard it is for me to be nice to people who aren't behaving nicely to begin with. =) For starters, I didn't even reveal her name. But all that is about to change. Her name is Valerie Loh Wan Yi. Oh, maybe you know her? Tampines North Primary School, Springfield Secondary, Nanyang Poly School Of IT (Diploma in Infocomm & Technology)? Maybe you think she's an angel? But HAHAHAHA, think again. Let's begin the ride to showing the true colours of this true-blue SLUT.

Shortly after that "boyfriend's ex" entry was written, I happened to see Valerie on MSN through my boyfriend's account, early one morning while he was still sleeping and his MSN was logged in through my desktop. It took me ages to contemplate if I should even speak to her, because I didn't trust myself to continue being nice so early in the morning. I DID speak to her in the end, and that was only because once she saw "A" come online (but it was actually me), she immediately changed her sub-nick to this:

That pissed me off. Seriously she's just trying to get A's attention! But too bad, it's me this time. First she implied on her blog that I stole A when I had zero shit to do with it. And now, the MSN sub-nick. If she wants to insult A and call him "ugly" because she's sore and bitter that he dumped her, then fine - she could have said, "I think you're ugly." or whatever. But "ugly couples"? ME again???? What the fuck have I gotta do with it again? HA! Never mind that. I succeeded in being civil, again. =D She, on the other hand, was fake through and through. I only realised that after some of my girl-friends saw the MSN exchange and said she was "acting innocent". And true enough, the more I read, the more I thought everything that came out of her damn mouth was so atrociously plastic. MSN convo here:

(click to enlarge)

First of all, THIS IS THE INTERNET. Since she chose to write PUBLICLY, she doesn't get to choose who sees it and who doesn't. If she wants to choose, blog privately and give the intended party a password to view or something. But in this case, she thought no one would come across it except A. What wishful thinking. I saw it too, and now everyone else is seeing it. Are you going to blame me for something you yourself, put on a PUBLIC platform???? Fuck you, seriously. Don't come and tell me "all this is unwanted" when you were the one who put your guard down and blogged publicly. Don't come and make it sound like it's my fault. Fuck you. She said the blog post wasn't about A. She said she quote the post from Tumblr because she found it to be true. Well, if it wasn't about him, why is the blog post tagged with his name?:

So it IS about him. And if the man in question is him, then who else could have "stolen" him? Who else could she want to take revenge on? I'm with him now. Who else but me? She can't even lie properly, or even attempt to weasel her way out of a confrontation properly. You can almost hear the air deflate out of me because it's like a punching bag with no sand.

I censored names and pictures and everything because it was way back then when I was still nice. But one example of a total slut? The MSN display pic with fake-squeezed boobies spilling out her top:

And another? A message from another girl who was upset because Valerie was the third-party in their relationship:

(click to enlarge)

And you'd think that my relationship was the only one she set out to screw up. Poor victim of hers acting all vulnerable and shit, and in turn Valerie fed her a whole bunch of BULLSHIT back. WTF is, "I won't do anything that will jeopardise your relationship nor mine, really. Please, remember that he loves you more than anything else. Yes, you!"???? Do you seriously want people to buy into your fuckin' innocent act????

I think she saw my "boyfriend's ex" entry after that MSN conversation, I don't know. And even though I was nice (I know, I said that so many times already... I'm such an angel!) and didn't reveal her name or face, I think she wasn't happy about it. Too bad! She could have refrained from reading, but it's not my fault if curiosity kills the cat. I didn't say anything wrong anyway. And to show her unhappiness, she wrote this on her blog:

(click to enlarge)

Who calls themselves "juvenile" when they're being juvenile?? Oh, right. Juvenile people. Anyway, babe (trying to act friendly like you, detect any sarcasm?), I shan't catch you. How about I write an entry all about you (like what I'm doing right now) and let the entire world do the catching? =) Or maybe you could try and catch up with the total embarrassment you feel after this whole thing. Let's start with this video about you pissing your EX-boyfriend off and making a video like this to apologise:

Being a bloody stupid chink from Gina O on Vimeo.

AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Familiar or not??? WHAT THE FUCK IS, "I DO UGLY FACE MAKE YOU HAPPY, OKAY? SEE. MMMM. MMMMM. HUMMMMM. MMMMMMM. HRRRRRR. ERGHHHHH."????!!!!! My goodness gracious. WHAT is that?! I could die laughing! Imagine how funny it'd be if someone did a spoof video on this. Hahahahaha. Seriously, don't expect to be forgiven with a cheena video like that. If I were the intended recipient of this grossly act-cute video, I would have given her 2 tight slaps. Actually I also feel like shoving 2 pencils up her very-prominent nostrils. Really MAJOR EPIC FAIL. (T_T)

Fail screen grabs:

Jeeeeeesus, those NOSTRILS. That mouth. THOSE HORSEY TEETH! Someone give her a Guiness World Record.

Moving on, I have several print-screens of her blog entries for all eyes to see that I am in fact, supposed to be an outsider in her PAST relationship with my current boyfriend:

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

This is a little story she reposted from Tumblr. I have a strong feeling she only reposted it because it described her so well:

(click to enlarge)

I understand if it's hard to let go of someone you're still in love with, but please know your boundaries, especially if that someone is already attached. And to make it worse, in this case, so is she! I wonder if her boyfriend is even keeping her in check?! Jesus. I really hate it when people disturb my peace, and I hate it even more when they accuse me of something I did NOT do and then act all innocent and self-righteous about it. Valerie, please think about why you got dumped, like seriously. If you hadn't been greedy like you said so yourself in all the above blog entries, would you be where you are today? Without A? Do I even know you? I don't. Honestly, don't you think it's a bit ridiculous to blame me for everything you screwed up before when I didn't know you then, and still don't know you now? Instead of pointing fingers, reflect on yourself. You're not ugly, but you're just a typical cheena ah-lian. For example, you wear and carry fake branded goods:

If you don't have money to buy REAL Chanel, then save up for it. Don't be a fucking walking pasar malam, you make yourself look like a complete joke. Not even giving yourself a fake middle name like "Valencia" is going to make you any less cheena nor redeem yourself from being ching-chong. And you like Hello Kitty and My Melody right? They have the fake pirated ones at pasar malams too!!!! LOL! I don't mean to keep calling you "cheena", but if you don't remember, you call yourself cheena too!:

(click to enlarge)

So am I right to say you are, since you said you are? And cheena people act cute a lot right? Like posing while "crying"?:

(click to enlarge)

Or maybe, saying "HIAK" all the time?:

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

WTF is "hiak"????? I only know of "hahaha", "hohoho" or "hehehe". "Hiakhiakhiak" is definitely new to me. Me and my girl-friends were having such trouble trying to laugh it out because we couldn't figure out how. When we finally did, we laughed so hard because it was so fucking cheena and retarded. And FYI, we laughed "hahaha", not "hiakhiakhiak". LOL. And when we say you're so retarded, we meant SO retarded. We don't replace "so" with "zhor" like you do. "Oh you're zhor retarded, zhor retarded!" Ummm... No. "So" is just fine, thanks. And neither do we go sing karaoke day in, day out singing Chinese songs and calling it "ksing".

I heard she didn't even know what Haji Lane is. She only goes to Bugis Street. I can tell... Her entire dressing sense just screams "Bugis Street ah-lian". When A brought her to Haji Lane, it was like opening her eyes to a new world. So when she finally realised Haji Lane was actually just next to Bugis Street, she started bringing her friends there to shop and smoke sheesha, and dressed indie to fit in:

-_-"' I don't know which is worse, being a cheena lian or being a fake hippie. Apparently she also copied everything A did, from liking vintage and silver jewelry to praying to the same God even though she's Buddhist. A has this thing about praying before every meal, and just because Valerie was "in love" with him, she prayed before every meal too. LOL! If I saw that, I'd think she was mumbling to herself/her food instead, man. So funny. I think this "love" became unhealthy because like she stated in her blog post before, she would tail A's ex (the one before her) to make sure he wasn't meeting the ex. And she did this too:

(click to enlarge)

A clearer picture of her print-screen:

(click to enlarge)

*shudders* I don't know why I ever felt insecure about her before? All my friends were like, "Wah lau, you say until like damn pretty like that. This kind of face, I see one time I sian. I see second time, I feel like doing plastic surgery on them myself. 小妹妹 leh!" HAHAHA! I have such hilarious friends. I might be mean but at least I'm truthful, and when I say she's not hideous, she's not. But there's just something about her face that I can't quite place my finger on...........:

These last 3 pictures are just for kicks, just because I like it and I think it's funny, can?:

(click to enlarge)

^____^ After she realised just what she was up against, she got so upset that she wrote this on her blog:

(click to enlarge)

I started it first? Really? What, did I teach/tell you to be greedy and screw up your relationships? If you wanna talk about who started it first, why don't you go to the time BEFORE I existed? Good idea, no? Well, it's not an idea. It's the truth.

Oh, and before I forget, her "BFF" also threatened me with this:

(click to enlarge)

LOL. I am sooooo scared, I'm cowering in a corner with fear?! Meryl dear, please do not attempt this again. I thought I felt a breeze in my face when I'd have expected a tornado. If you want to start your "dignity talk", start with your own best friend. From what I see, she has ZERO dignity if she could cling on to someone who doesn't even want her anymore, so desperately. Since you already said it's "someone else's old shoe", why's she still holding on to an old shoe?? Who does that? ONLY BEGGARS. Can't blame her, she doesn't know better... And I suppose you don't know better too. 小妹妹s don't scare me. If you wanna talk to me about being nasty, you haven't seen nasty yet. I suggest you'd better go do something about your bug eyes or weird lips, or rearrange your entire auntie face, instead of being so free to butt into something that has nothing to do with you whatsoever. Maybe then I'd take you as less of a JOKE.

And if you think Valerie is an angel, think twice. Apart from being a slut (can't tell from her face, right?!), she can even bitch about her friend on her blog!:

(click to enlarge)

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder who she's talking about? Meryl, Vanessa, Angel? Well, the person in question should know. =) I couldn't care less.

Honestly speaking, NOBODY told this Valerie slut to be this greedy. NOBODY told her to want so much attention when she can't even handle so much herself. NOBODY screwed up her relationship with A. And I wouldn't even talk about her now if she had known her limits and refrained from talking bull about me. It's time for her to wake up from her "My Melody" lala land and smell the cow dung, and stop blaming each and every person for the mistakes she made. She should learn to stop being so greedy because nobody is perfect, and if she refuses to understand that she'd never be happy. And that is not my fault. Have some self-love, darling, and stop being so needy and attention-seeking towards almost all the guys you meet because you can't handle it. For what??? I heard she even came between this couple and caused them to break up. Tsk tsk. When guys approach her in the streets, "Er... Hi, miss. Can I be your friend?", she'd act all shy and hesitant and giggle etc, and in the end she'd still give out her number, even when she was already attached. That is fucking major "ewww"! That's like the "ah-lian-ah-beng" world of making friends. I thought that was over like, 10 billion years ago. From what I know, she was hanging out with a lot of different guys, and even though she promised she wouldn't, she still did. One fine day, A called but she didn't pick up the phone. When she did and was asked where she was, she said she was hanging out with "Vincent and the rest", and when A got upset, she got upset too and tried to pick a fight with him (again, for the 24814769515th time). A had every right to be suspicious, 'cos you know why? Vincent is now her current boyfriend. Talk about wanting the best of both worlds!!! Geeez!

If you understand Chinese, you'd understand the meaning of "拿得起,放得下". Meaning, if you can pick it up, you can in the same way, put it down. She obviously knows it too, but sadly she can't carry out that action. Anyway, this whole entire thing is over now so long as she doesn't show up in our lives again but before it did, I was aware that she got a very, very bad verbal thrashing from A. I read the SMSes in which he told her to stop her nonsense, etc. He also told her to treat Vincent better 'cos he deserves better. Sadly, it's true. To have an ex, or anyone for that matter, tell you to treat your boyfriend better, you really have to be a failure. She sounded extremely upset, but I think she deserves it. Really, nobody told her to be such a pest and then now this. Neither me nor A said anything at first, but that doesn't mean she can take it up a few damn notches. Fancy already losing the guy to me, and then still having the cheek to issue me a challenge for me to "catch her". And even that, she lost as well, and cried running away with her tail between her legs. Isn't that just the saddest thing ever. =) Guys, next time when you see Valerie out, please make her feel better for me. Please remember to say "HIAK" to her! Just for the record VAL, my boyfriend and I will still be happy with or without you, so I suggest you might as well quit trying.

"Don't play the bitch game with someone who can play it better." xoxo. GAME OVER.

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Run, skip, hop
Sunday, January 16, 2011 | 3 comments


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Good things come to those who wait
Wednesday, January 12, 2011 | 3 comments

This is not the intended blog post for the above party, Valerie Loh Wan Yi. Reason simply being, she is a fucking small fry I love my boyfriend too much. And the whole reason I have this boyfriend is thanks to her, because if she didn't screw up, I wouldn't have him now. SO THANK YOU HEYYYY! In life, you only have ONE chance. She had her chance. She had her chance of having him, but she lost him due to her greed and constant attention-seeking, and now she is finding fault with me for something that was all her own doing, and pointing fingers to say I started it first when she was the one who did (GREEDY, GREEDY PIG). Fine. Now I have him, and she will live the rest of her life regretting this, knowing that she'd NEVER get him back. I repeat, N-E-V-E-R. Be miserable for the rest of your pathetic loser life, bitch. Wake up and smell the fucking cow dung. You screwed up you and him, why would I even allow you to screw up me and him??? Do you seriously think I am that stupid???? Focus your attention elsewhere, say maybe, your own boyfriend instead of being a clingy, whiny, pathetic emo bitter LOSER. Or maybe you can work on your cheena-ness, and stop being a fucking walking pasar-malam wearing and carrying pirated branded goods. HAHAHAHAHAHA WTF. Giving yourself a middle name called "Valencia" isn't gonna make you any less chink, if you haven't already noticed.

Have you ever wondered just why you got dumped??? NO? Well, then now is the time to wonder away. Just remember that as much as you can bitch about me to your cloned friends (or to whoever will listen), so can I. Whatever you want to write on your blog for your own little small bunch of maybe, 10? friends, so can I - to the whole fucking world. Whatever you can do, so can I, and much more. No matter how much you bitch or say - you can say SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH, but at the end of the day, think about this: who is happy and who is not? HAHAHA. Suck it, bitch. Go insist to everyone that you're happy. Go be happy convincing yourself that you are happy without him. Gogogo. Go live in your own sad, sad world.

However, just so I make it clear, dearest Valerie, I have the original blog post saved in my drafts. A very embarrassing, ugly post. You can come back every single day using NYP's network connection, or you can use your home connection. You can leave me anonymous comments, get your friends to do it, do whatever you want. You can get your friends to threaten me too, but seriously all I'd feel is like a feather of an impact. Yawnz. In the meantime, thank you in advanced for the traffic/$$$$. You can also wait and wait and wait, wondering if I'd ever publish that embarrassing post. :)))) The point is, I already wrote it long ago, and you'd be the one to go through the excruciating wait, not. Me.

As you like to say it so disgustingly, "HIAKHIAKHIAKHIAK!" xoxo

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Monday, January 10, 2011 | 3 comments

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The boyfriend's EX
Monday, December 20, 2010 | 2 comments
I'm fully aware that almost every person you meet and date, or make your boyfriend/girlfriend, is "used". That is, it's rare to find someone who has never dated anyone else before you, and vice versa. For example, I had my first crush when I was 13. But that guy, at 16, was already attached then. So despite him being the first person I ever had some sort of feeling for, it wasn't the same for him. People come and go, we meet people, we leave people. The entire cycle repeats and mashes together, becomes a mess of happiness and sadness, and sometimes also becomes what people call "*insert number* degrees of separation", or whatever. You get my drift.

And so it is also by no surprise at all that the boyfriend had several exes before me. Same goes for my case, but we're not talking about me here now. Anyway, when I first met A and added him on Facebook and all that jazz, he still had pictures of his ex on his Facebook albums. I assumed it was his girlfriend when I saw them at that point in time, and I thought she was pretty. Me and him were purely just friends then, and I even asked him, "Is that your girlfriend? She's pretty! One glance looks like Lin Chi Ling." But he said that was his ex, and I said, "Oh. But she's still pretty." As we got to know each other more, we told each other about our past relationships, and of course it was crucial to mention the latest one. I guess it was also a way to make sure there was no baggage whatsoever. I can hardly remember what he told me about his ex now. I only know her name is V and I've seen her pictures on Facebook before. There were a few stories, but they were vague (in my mind now they are, anyway) and kinda personal to be put up here. I never did ask about her after that...

............ until recently. Why? Because one fine day, out it popped on A's Facebook, "A and V are now friends." That was fine (although I did question him about it), until I came across a Facebook status on her wall which said:

She promised that would be the last time. The last time was supposed to be on 21st November. But no, in-between or after that Facebook status, she sent him a text along the lines of, "Do you really not care about me anymore..." or something like that. It was so random and out of the blue, I had to attribute it to her being emo at that point in time and couldn't help herself but to text him. He replied her to tell her why they didn't work out. And then on 28th November (which was A's birthday), she sent him a long SMS wishing him happy birthday and mentioning the past about how "this day last year" they did this or that, blah blah. I could tell she was trying to stay cheerful and told him they're still friends. He never replied that one. But all those were enough for me to put my guard up. I did my best to make sure she kept her distance contacting him, including limiting her views to A's Facebook. In the midst of all that, I found her blogs. It didn't take much effort to find the first one, but the second one was a little bit trickier. I didn't ask A for them, I merely searched for them on my own (you'd be surprised just how the Internet works). One old blog, one newer blog. He said she had 4 blogs or something, but those 2 were more than enough for me.

I went through them all, from the earliest entry to the latest one. I scanned through the parts about her school and work, but all of it registered. Obviously the ones that registered the most were the ones about my boyfriend. When I first found her old blog, I went back to view them again and again, trying to sort out my thoughts. I felt funny, despite telling myself that it was in the past. Then I got over it. Then, she'd already found out that she'd been blocked from viewing his Facebook wall, so she did the same to him. But curiosity got the better of me, and I managed to find her newer blog. And that was when I saw an entry dated 22nd November:

I was a little peeved that she implied I stole A from her. From all the stories I heard about her from A, I just felt she had herself to blame because all I did was do what she didn't do: appreciate. He left her because he claimed she didn't appreciate him, took him for granted and one day after 3 on-and-off years, he finally got tired of it. I didn't steal him from her, and I'm certainly not a "that", thank you very much. My whole life, I've stood by my principle of NOT stealing someone else's man. I've never ever allowed myself to be caught in the middle of 2 parties in a relationship. ('Cos besides money, I think that's the most sensitive issue there is out there.) And I'm seriously proud to say that this time is no exception. Therefore I fail to understand why she'd imply that I did. It's amusing. I already asked A about it, and he said they were already not together anymore when he got together with me. Yeah, you can ask me, "But he might be lying, no?" And my answer would simply be, "I didn't sign up for this just to doubt him and fall out of love." And what's even more confusing, is the fact that this V already has a boyfriend. She got a new boyfriend in June, but yet the whole time she was still hung over my boyfriend. I don't know which is worse; making her boyfriend 2nd or her boyfriend actually being okay with coming in 2nd. A and I had a conversation the other time...:

Him: I pity the boyfriend lah...
Me: Why?
Him: 'Cos he got the girl but he don't have her heart.
Me: *pause* So now I have your heart and she doesn't, but she wants it. Who's gonna pity her then...?
Him: Duno, her parents maybe.

The entire conversation was said in such a laidback, logical and mundane manner, it was kinda surprising. The ex said:

But she's still... Still turning back to eat the grass she's already passed by. It's been a few days since I found and read her blogs, and funnily enough the more I read, the more I felt genuinely sorry for her:

I understand how it is to be nursing a broken heart. I totally get it. Been there, done that (not too long ago too... worst heartbreak EVER, hands-down). Everyone has. But I'm sorry I have to be selfish, because no sane person in the right frame of mind would say, "Oh, you still like him? I'm sorry, you can have him back." Besides, A chose to leave in the first place and like he said, he's not a toy to be passed around. And on top of that, I didn't break them up anyway. So as much as I feel sorry for her, I'm really supposed to be out of this picture. I confided in a friend about this entire issue, and she told me V just wants to win. If I let her have A back, they're just gonna get together for 2 weeks and break up again because of their own issues. And when that happens and he moves on to another girl - whoever it might be, the same thing would happen. V would hate the girl and wanna win again. Just that in this case, the girl happens to be me. In other words, being A's girlfriend now, I automatically become a bitch to V. She doesn't have to know what kind of person I am, I just have to be the bad person. I get it. For some reason I don't hate her; I just feel sorry for her. And there's no sarcasm intended here. If I wanna be nasty, I can totally be nasty. Trust me, I can be. It's not like none of you have seen it anyway. But I choose not to, because at the end of the day, A's girlfriend is ME. I don't want to let this girl I've never even met before (even though we stay in the same district), accuse me of stealing her ex-boyfriend and let it affect me. I don't like drama.

I would never have bothered finding out anything about her if all those stuff didn't surface. She wasn't the only ex A had, so why just her, correct? Hence, this cannot be stalking. Rather, I shall call it "checking up on her". I believe she's done the same to me as I have to her: attempt to find out about me online. If she's Googled me, she'd surely have found my blog. I'm easier to find than she is, so definitely no problems there, huh? If she did and she comes back often, then she'd see this. And I know what might happen next: 1) her Facebook wall will never show up on A's Facebook again and she might even delete him, 2) she might change her blog URL or privatise everything, 3) she might bitch about me on her Facebook or blog, tell her friends about me etc (if she hasn't done so already), or 4) all of the above. But I told myself, it's just as well that everyone moves on together. I might be in no position to tell her to feel better or ask her how she's doing but I hope she picks herself up soon. I'm hardly gonna raise my hands up and yell, "I come in peace!!" anyway.

The people whom I've showed her pictures to, commented that I looked wayyy better, and she was only so-so. I don't know if they were just trying to make me feel better or if it's really their own personal honest opinion. But if that is so, then I shall put it down as what I call "THE EX SYNDROME". Even if she wasn't a looker or whatever, I would still feel wary just 'cos she is "the ex". Get what I mean? And she's been through "The Ex Syndrome" as well anyway, because if she hasn't she wouldn't have tailed A's ex before her, like she said so herself in her blog post. Just that I feel her syndrome is a little OTT........... =X

In the beginning, I wanted to ask her to find proof of me stealing A from her. And I even suggested she look in the mirror, although even that, cannot reflect how she is inside, after all the stuff I've heard from A. But now I've had time to think about it, I realise that I cannot judge her for who she is on the inside, and that whatever problems she had with A when they were together, are their problems. I also feel that she's still young, confused... a little fluttery and a little unsettled. Which is okay, because that's what being young is about right? She's hardly like, 80. And neither am I, might I add. Reading her posts made me feel I'd already been there, done that. And then it hit me: the proof to show I never stole A from her. It was all right there on her blogs, all those posts she made about them arguing, breaking up, on shaky ground... All those before I showed up. It's not like I suddenly jumped in-between them while they were still doing good. And plus, she got a new boyfriend in JUNE. I got together with A in September. She started a new relationship before he did. How can I steal him when she was the one who got a new boyfriend first? Doesn't make sense, right? Well, I suppose it'd only make sense if it means she was two-timing. And if she was, then doesn't A have every right to leave? Which he did, and then subsequently got together with me? Whatever it is, I was the "after". So, my conscience is clear as crystal (woohoo, just like my name to begin with!). And because this is so, I've also decided to unprivatise A's Facebook from her now because there is nothing to hide.

I'm trying really hard not to be mean... As clichéd as it sounds, everyone deserves to be happy. But however, with that said, I also would like to stress that because that is so, there is absolutely no need to steal someone else's happiness. Don't force things that you know are not meant to be. It'd just backfire on you in the end, so yeah. I hope you know where I'm coming from, V. It took quite a few years to make you see that you and him weren't meant to be; actually, it took less than that. It just prolonged because of your denial. It happens. But right now, you're still in denial. He is mine now. I didn't steal, I didn't force, I didn't lift a finger. If you want to talk about being wrong, then don't start your first mistake by continuing to stick around.

So long.

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